Escort Schiphol

If you are on a business trip in a hotel or are near Schiphol for another reason and would like an escort, then Dutch Student Escorts Schiphol is a good choice.

Our escort agency close the Schiphol Amsterdam works exclusively with Dutch escorts over 18 years. All our ladies have chosen to work as escort. So we have no illegal workers! Our student escorts are familiar with business customers and know how to visit a hotel room without first calling at reception. If you are in a hotel near Schiphol our escorts will be delighted to visit you to give you a good time.

How to book at our escort agency in Amsterdam

  • Select one of our beautiful students from our PHOTO GALLERY
  • Call our telephonist to discuss your wishes, price and payment method.
  • The escort will be brought by private driver.
  • Discretion is our motto. Our escort will arrive at your desired location.
  • Have a fantastic time!

Dutch Students has good experience with escort bookings in hotels near Schiphol. The escort will go discretely and directly to your room. A hotel escort doesn’t cost any extra but this may be a more relaxing experience than at home or at the office.

Escort info
You pay per hour for our service. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or debit card. Payments by credit or debit card are made in the name of a restaurant. Invoicing is possible.

Our elegant Amsterdam escorts can be booked between 7.00 pm and 5.00 am. Escorts booked in Amsterdam and surrounding area usually arrive with you within 30 minutes.

Booked a date but don’t have bubbles at home? Dutch Students also delivers various types of champagne in combination with our escorts. You can order Don Perignon, Armande de Brignac, Crystal or our house champagne.

Of course you’re not obliged to do this. But sometimes a party simply needs to be celebrated properly.

Take a look in our PHOTO GALLERY. Call us to make an appointment. Our telephonist will be delighted to speak with you and will provide you with prices and information.

We care about your privacy! Book an escort from Dutch Students.
Call: +31 (0)20 578 85 19