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Would you like an adventure with an escort in Utrecht? Then Dutch Student Escorts Utrecht is a good choice. We work with ladies aged 18 years and older, who are often still studying. Our high-class escorts are mostly all students who wish to earn something extra. They have all chosen to work as escort and to go on a date with you. Dutch Students Utrecht has been granted a permit from the Municipality. This enables us to guarantee the legality of our escorts and our business. We advise you only to book escorts through an escort agency that has such a permit.

Discrete escort in Utrecht
Our service focuses on escorts in Utrecht. This entails the escort lady being brought to your desired location. This can be a hotel room but could also be your home, a holiday park or your office. The escort will call at your door without the driver. This means no cars waiting near the front door. The escort will always be dropped off one street away and will be picked up from there after the date.

How to book at our escort agency in Amsterdam

  • Select one of our beautiful students from our PHOTO GALLERY
  • Call our telephonist to discuss your wishes, price and payment method.
  • The escort will be brought by private driver.
  • Discretion is our motto. Our escort will arrive at your desired location.
  • Have a fantastic time!

Take a look in our PHOTO GALLERY for your choice of escort and call us to make an appointment. Our telephonist will be delighted to speak with you and will provide you with prices and information about our Utrecht escorts.

We care about your privacy! Book an escort from Dutch Students.
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